24 Hours of Spa: A weekend filled with emotions, from tragedy to exceptional guests and a competitive crew

6th July 2023 GT World Challenge
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A meeting marked by the tragedy of Dilano Van't Hoff's passing

The weekend of the 24 Hours of Spa was a mix of intense emotions and memorable moments. Unfortunately, tragedy struck during this legendary competition with the tragic death of Dilano Van't Hoff, a talented and promising driver, in the second race of a Formula 3 championship round. This event cast a shadow over the entire weekend, and our thoughts go out to his family, loved ones, and all those who have been affected by this immense loss.

Competitive crew ready to take on the challenge

Our crew, consisting of experienced and competitive drivers, was ready to take on the challenge of the 24 Hours of Spa. We dedicated numerous hours to preparation and training, with the aim of delivering an outstanding performance on the track. Together, we were determined to give it our all.

"During these 24 Hours of Spa, our crew composed of Hugo Chevalier, Fred Makowiecki, Steven Palette, and myself experienced a race of incredible intensity. We secured an incredible position in the superpole, which was the starting point of an exceptional performance. By the end of the race, we managed to break into the top 20, finishing in fourth place, just 13 seconds away from the podium. The Porsche we were piloting and the team strategy implemented by Maxence RONNÉ, managed by Côme LEDOGAR, were simply remarkable. Now, we have an appointment at the Nürburgring for the penultimate round!"

- Clément MATEU

An exhilarating race and emotionally charged moments

The 24 Hours of Spa meeting was a true roller coaster of emotions. The relays were thrilling, with daring overtakes, strategic racing methods, and fierce competition between teams. Every moment on the track was filled with adrenaline, and we fought relentlessly for each position.

Beyond the competition, the 24 Hours of Spa provided us with unforgettable encounters and precious memories between a sports team and devoted fans, all sharing the same passion.

An unforgettable experience for our privileged guests

A hundred guests had the opportunity to participate in this exceptional event while enjoying a preview demonstration of the MATMAK software in our private showroom. Seated in boxes offering breathtaking views of the starting grid, our guests were able to experience the excitement up close. Additionally, our BODYFENCE and SHAG automotive range were also showcased, providing an exclusive glimpse into the latest technological innovations.


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