HEXIS & HEXIS Energy Drink

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HEXIS will be thirty-one this year. Our founder, Michel Mateu, established the limited company SHAG HEXIS in July 1989 to manufacture PVC suitable for Computer-Assisted Cutting and to be used as communication media. He then began researching with a small team of enthusiasts; together they grew and evolved the business with the desire to combine performance with service quality.

HEXIS specialises in the production and distribution of premium PVC, PU and cast latex films. By listening to the market and looking out for changes in consumption patterns and the emergence of new requirements, the company has been able to diversify its areas of application over the years, supported by its ability to innovate. Thus it can respond to any requirements in the adhesive films market: media for cutting plotters, digital printing,  protection and decoration.

Hexis Energy Drink

For just over ten years now, our French company HEXIS Energy has been distributing its HEXIS Energy drink brand in France and beyond. Thanks to our competence, our know-how and our unfailing proximity to our customers and distributors, we have managed to find our place among the best energy drinks on the market. Known and recognized for the quality of our products and their incomparable flavours, HEXIS Energy has succeeded in establishing itself as a brand that cannot be ignored, particularly in the catering and retail sectors. Highly involved in the festive world of the night, our identity fits in with this universe and we are proud to give energy to our consumers who ask for more!

After a successful first decade, it is time for us to take a new step and increase our distribution. Through the improvement of our products and the expansion of our freshly developed range, we are convinced that we can offer you what you need. Our beverages are now available in different formats and tastes. One thing is certain, we have the right drink or drinks for you!

HEXIS Energy is available in two flavours in 25cl cans: Full Energy, with an intense energising taste, and Star Energy, with an energising strawberry flavour, our original recipe to which we have been faithful since the beginning. The intense energizing taste is also available in 1L PET, with a low-sugar recipe more suited to this format.

The interest in truly discovering our products is now well and truly present, your curiosity is piqued, so don't hesitate and don't wait to try the adventure with us! Come and taste our drinks without further delay!